Our drilling machines have over 10 patents. Their drilling-speed is the fastest in Taiwan. No other brand can overtake on the most convenience and the shortest preparing time. The drilling speed is over 20% from other brand.。This machine special design to drill holes with high efficiency for bridge major plate, connecting plate, or rib plate … etc. Not only for smoothly working low, but also the precision on drilling is better than gantry type machine.

Combine two unit together to drill holes in the same time on two end of panel. Each unit have 40 holes per hour ( thickness : 40 m/m). two unit will have 640 holes per 8 hours (one day). If the holes quantity are increase more, you can increase one spindle to each unit to two unit of two-spindle model. The working quantity will be double. 1280 holes / day ( 8 hours) Please refer to our TACO, rail-type series.