1. THB-1055N is one system machine, one time process one end of H-Beam.

2. THB-1055N is an H-beam end face milling machine, which can complete the flange plate retraction + scallop hole + flange plate beveling on the end face of the H-beam in one milling. With six cutters, it can complete the beveling of two flanges at one end of the H-beam at one time.

3. The price quoted is for this machine, excluding the roller conveyors on the feeding and discharging sides.

4. The standard beveling cutter that come with you are: beveling cutter 35 degree, 40t beveling cutter (Right*1pc, Left*1pc).
Inward beveling cutter 35degree, 26t (Right*1pc, Left*1pc).

5. Replaceable and adjustable beveling cutter shaft can be made according to the customer's stock beveling cutter size, without wasting the beveling cutters of the old machine.

6. When processing material, it can choose the material go through by feeding and discharging sides

7. The latest wear-resistant sheet hard rail is used for the up and down spindle advance and retraction, which is stable and wear-resistant and has a long service life.

8. Optional aerosol cooling to increase cutting efficiency and increase insert chip life

9. Optional electric chip conveyor (the buyer needs to add a chip conveyor pit).